Evolving self-service

At Elenium our focus is on common use and in particular self-service common use.

Our mission is to improve common use self-service and how it is currently implemented in the aviation industry, specifically when compared to other sectors of the economy.

Our mission is to improve common use self-service and how it is currently implemented in the aviation industry, specifically when compared to other sectors of the economy.
Airlines and airports have relied on common use for over 35 years. The leading-edge technologies of the day, helped the airports to reduce the size of the check in halls and helped the airlines to serve the increasingly demanding and knowledgeable passenger. 25 years ago, the airlines started turning to self-service kiosks to improve operational efficiency in passenger processing at the same time as putting the passenger in control of their journey while improving passenger satisfaction during the airport experience. Around the turn of the century the two, common use and self-service started to merge. Some say that this was the last major, global innovation in the passenger check in process.

Passengers want more

Fast forward to the 21st century, the start of the fourth industrial revolution and airports and their passengers expect more. At Elenium, we are certain that the constant change in technology enables the air transport industry to innovate to improve passenger processing and customer satisfaction and we are determined to be at the front of this evolution.

No more lengthy, cumbersome certification processes, no airlines that are not able to use self-service due to the prohibitive cost of developing self-service applications, no airports that are stuck with kiosks that are not used because they are simply in the wrong location…..you get the picture.

Young, flexible and experienced

Elenium, a 3-year-old company, is young enough to innovate without legacy handcuffs while still boasting a team with decades of experience within the Air transport Industry. We worked for airlines, airports and service providers. We combine this wealth of experience with people that live and breathe the latest available technologies resulting in solutions that unravel the issues of passenger flow management in airports. In a testament to our approach and abilities, in these 3 short years Elenium has been able to supply over 600 kiosks to some of the most demanding airports in Asia Pacific, including Hong Kong, Sydney and Auckland.

Customer at the centre

Our approach to process management is end to end, driving innovative efficiency for the stakeholders and delivering a stress-free journey to the passengers. However, it is not our technically advanced systems or our partnership with Amazon Web Services that set us apart. Our approach to our client relationships is to customer-centric, we listen, learn and solve issues for each of our clients through flexibility and adaptability.

Holistic approach to self service

Although we believe that our clients will achieve the best results through a combination of our hardware, platform, operational solution and software, our approach to self-service is to enable our clients to choose what they are comfortable working with while integrating with existing systems. Our offering is modular and easily transferrable to incorporate the solutions of other players in the industry. Our clients know their operational environment best and our job is to enable them to combine the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to result in an efficient, modern solution, enabling your passengers to seamlessly travel into the experience age.

Focus on operational efficiency

The focus in our kiosks and bag drop is on operational efficiency and delivering the best total cost of ownership for our products. Our kiosks are portable and fixed, all with biometric and voice integration option. 120 of our portable kiosks are installed in Hong Kong and have processed several times more passengers than the airport had in the originally planned for. The batteries in the portable kiosks last 15-18 hours and are hot swappable.  To enable greater efficiency, these kiosks have a pull-out key board and can double as an agent assisted rework station.

Flight deck, our monitoring and remote management tool enables the clients’ operational team to constantly overview the events across their entire kiosk portfolio and resolve issues before they occur.

Our bag drop is based on the Elenium Bag Tag recognition system that uses high resolution cameras and operates at a 97% first read success rate. This success rate is independently verified. It achieves this impressive performance by using cameras that zoom and focus to find the bag tag barcode in milliseconds… irrespective of the bag’s placement. Elenium’s technically advanced approach generates superior outcomes to systems which can only read bag tags in a two-dimensional line of sight.

Trusted to move millions

As a testament to our approach, in 3 very short years we have gone from having a zero kiosk installation base to over 600 devices implemented in 13 airports globally. In 2019 our solutions have processed millions of passengers in Asia Pacific and our first implementation in the Middle East has just left our factory. Our platform is checking in passengers across the airports in Asia Pacific, including Hong Kong International Airport, one of the largest airports in the world.

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