Innovating digital solutions for the everyday

Elenium innovates technology that empowers humanity to experience greater convenience in the everyday. By breaking the barriers between the digital and physical worlds, we remove the friction from daily obstacles to create more time for living. Our technology serves everyone, whether you are travelling, going to work, or attending an event, we build solutions that helps life to simply flow.

Who we are

We are a growing team, passionate about creating better experiences in the everyday. We strive to make a positive difference to the user, and society by working towards our vision…

A world without friction

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To create better experiences in the everyday.

Our Team

Our greatest asset is our team

Paula Dwyer


Rachel Wiseman


Fred Melki


Aaron Hornlimann


Steve Walsh


Robert Routley


Aaron Hornlimann

Chief Executive Officer

Cathy Sadler

Chief Delivery Officer

Fred Melki

Chief Operating Officer

Nick Osborne-Hunt

Deputy Chief Technology Officer

Rob Bowring

Chief Commercial Officer

Ralf Weber

Head of Supply Chain and Sustainability

Michelle Wright

Chief Financial Officer


Elenium’s journey started in 2015, when CEO and Co-Founder, Aaron Hornlimann, identified the need for faster passenger experiences at airports. Whilst technology was advancing, airports remained trapped in an earlier decade where airport congestion was normal. Technology was inconvenient. Manual administration was slow. The passenger experience needed to become seamless and enjoyable.

Elenium developed VYGR (short for Voyager), a suite of self-service solutions to transform the passenger experience at airports. In just 4 years, Elenium’s Voyager products have been deployed at domestic and international airports around the world to provide a seamless passenger experience from check-in to boarding.

In 2020, following the outbreak of COVID-19, Elenium pivoted to offer its airport-grade solutions for improved safety across a variety of industries with the launch of HealthGate. Elenium soon launched FaceWay, a tablet sized device that uses facial recognition to provide faster experiences in the everyday.

Elenium continues to innovate to create better experiences in the everyday. Our flexible and accessible price model enables everyone to experience greater convenience in the everyday.

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Our people reflect the society we serve.

We consistently evaluate our unconscious bias to continue to serve all people.

We explore new technologies and experiences to constantly improve our products for the end user.

Ethical biometrics
We are committed to the ethical use of biometrics. We always place consent in the hands of the user and prevent unethical use of our technology.

Privacy is our top priority. We never collect unnecessary personal data.

We make conscious decision every day as we strive for a sustainable future.


We are responsible for ethical use of biometrics in respect of everyone’s personal data. We do not store unnecessary personal data. We obtain consent from everyone prior to storing any data. Any data that is stored, is ethically stored.

We are responsible for continuing to innovate technology that will improve the lives of everyone.

We are responsible for promoting diversity in our workplace. We believe our workplace should reflect the society we serve.

We are responsible for maintaining a safe work environment to allow our team to perform their tasks optimally without any risk.

Consistency and reliability in our products is essential in creating seamless experiences for the end user. We implement comprehensive quality management procedures to achieve the highest quality in our products.

We have chosen our partners carefully, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a long-term goal to power their global infrastructure using 100% renewable energy. On average, AWS customers use 77% fewer servers, 84% less power, and utilise a 28% cleaner power mix, for a total reduction in carbon emissions of 88% from using the AWS Cloud instead of operating their own data centres.

We are responsible for helping create a sustainable future. We aim to contribute to the circular economy by reducing the materials used within our products, being smarter with what is needed throughout our business operations, and using technology to lessen disposable items for our customers.

Being a young company means we can ensure an environmentally sustainable approach from the outset rather than having to retrofit our practices to become sustainable. Our facility is powered by 370 solar panels and supplies all of our energy needs and feedback into the local grid.

Within our offices, we do not use disposable cutlery, crockery or mugs but prefer to equip our kitchen with utensils and equipment.

For our growing global team, we advocate working from home. According to Webex, home working contributes to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions of 54 million tons annually across the globe.

Efficiency drives our portfolio development. We design equipment that draws minimum power, whilst providing longer use time.

To achieve a world without friction, we must constantly pursue innovation.

Everyday we strive to create better experiences in the everyday. This constant pursuit of innovation is in our very core, helping us turn a concept into reality, and bring it to market quickly.

Each team member shares a passion for technology, as we strive to innovate the latest and greatest digital solutions for use in the real world.

Our internal R&D capabilities expand across robotics and mechanical engineering to physics and data science. Our products are enriched with machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to adapt to the new user. By implementing quality processes, we maintain quality, reliability, and consistency in our technology.