Elenium Automation attracts NRMA as cornerstone investor

MELBOURNE, Australia, 1 October 2020 – Australian self-service and automation technology provider, Elenium Automation, today announced NRMA as a cornerstone investor for its B series capital raise. 

NRMA, one of Australia’s most trusted brands, is backing Elenium’s strategy to deliver technology that assists in keeping the public safe, encouraging confidence and supporting ‘COVID Normal’ to open Australia once again.

The funds will be used for Elenium’s global growth strategy and continued investment into research and development for new technologies that move people faster and safer. 

Launched in 2015 with a focus on creating a seamless airport experience, Elenium has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with new touchless technology designed to keep the public safe and build confidence across aviation, health, aged care, workplaces,  event venues and more. 

Elenium’s solutions can make any touchpoint contactless, including ATMs, vending machines, access control systems, check-in or fast food kiosks using advanced voice recognition and virtual touch technology, reducing the risk of spreading virus or bacterial pathogens by eliminating the need to touch common surfaces. 

Elenium has also developed a scanning system that can detect potential symptoms of infectious illness including respiratory rate, heart rate and temperature, all without contact. This technology has already been deployed in several countries, notably the UAE as part of trial with Etihad Airways, as well as the United States under COVID emergency use previsions, and is currently undergoing regulatory approvals as a medical device in several jurisdictions

Rohan Lund, CEO at NRMA, said the company was thrilled to be backing an Australian business that is supporting both the Australian and global recovery. 

“We have a deep philosophical alignment with Elenium. Part of NRMA’s mission is the desire to keep people moving. COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact by restricting and isolating society. We want Australian sectors like tourism and hospitality to get back on their feet quickly. Elenium’s world-leading technology will help Australia and other counties re-open and we are supporting them to get it into as many locations as possible so we can move about safely once more.”

Co-founder and CEO of Elenium Automation, Aaron Hornlimann, said: “It is wonderful to have NRMA, such an iconic Australian brand, be part of the Elenium story. With COVID-19 having such a profound impact on the world, we have a shared vision to get people moving safely and to inspire confidence as we try to adjust to a new norm beyond the pandemic,  whether that’s going to the cinema or boarding a flight or a cruise ship.” 

Melbourne-based Elenium now employs over 80 staff, designs, develops and manufactures in Australia and has installations across Asia Pacific, South East Asia, Hong Kong, India, Middle East, Africa, Europe and the USA. 

The transaction was supported by CiBUS Group and Harris Carlson Lawyers. 

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