We have imagined a new airport environment where voice and biometrics combine to enable passenger ease and improve the passenger experience.

Voyager was developed by Elenium in partnership with Etihad and Amazon Web Services to truly make the airport experience seamless. Using biometrics, voice recognition, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies, Voyager eliminates the need to scan boarding passes, manual data entry and confusing user interfaces.

The Voyager Experience

This is our vision of the airport experience which is completely frictionless and where a passenger can naturally interact with our self service using voice and biometrics.

Check- In & Biometric Enrolment

Guests can check-in and enrol their biometrics on any iOS or Android device with a front facing camera. The Voyager Mobile App is fully brandable and supports seat change, bag check-in, automatic visa check, passport scanning, booking management and eWallet. Voyager functionality can also be integrated to existing airline or airport mobile apps using the Voyager SDK.

Bag Drop

Guests can drop off their bags with no bag tags using the Voyager Bag Drop. Using cameras and other sensors with advanced feature detection algorithms Voyager can uniquely identify a bag. Voyager Bag Drop units can also read traditional printed bag tags or RFID and Smart tags.

Shopping & Duty Free

Guests can shop using a Voyager Virtual Shopping Wall. Combining biometrics for identification and the eWallet capabilities from the Voyager app the experience is seamless and can be installed at any location augmenting traditional shopping at the airport

Customer Service Kiosks

Voyager Kiosks can be used for transfer, information and disruption management. Guests can be identified by biometrics and talk to the kiosk using a voice powered virtual assistant. Functionality includes wayfinding, transfer management, reaccommodation and general information requests.

Always Open Airport Gate

Ensuring a more welcoming environment the Voyager Airport Gate is designed to always be open only closing the gate barrier on exceptions. The Voyager Gate can be used for lounge access, security and boarding.

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