Touchless Self-Service & Health screening

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Elenium, in partnership with Amazon Web Services have developed touchless self-service technology, HealthGate, to help make the world safer by making various customer facing devices touchless and evolving them into vital sign detection points.

Our solution eliminates the need to touch surfaces, reducing the risks of viral or bacterial germ transmission while simultaneously evaluating a person’s vital health signs.  Key questions can be asked to determine whether to escalate to an agent via video conference for further assessment. This technology is not designed or intended to diagnose medical conditions but helps to determine access control in this uncertain time.

Read more about our touchless access control with vital sign detection, HealthGate

Touchless self-service

Adding touchless control to any self-service devices using artificial intelligence dramatically reduces the risk of viral or bacterial transmission. 

Stakeholders no longer need to touch a screen, pin pad or physical surface, controlling and interacting with a device from a safe distance via head movement or voice control.

Elenium has developed patent pending touchless solutions allowing passengers, including those with reduced mobility, to control the self-service device using their head movement as an alternative to physically touching a screen.

Voice recognition is an additional option for touchless control of a self-service device. Jointly developed by AWS and Elenium for loud environments, our patent pending approach to voice recognition distinguishes voices in busy environments like airports, hospitals, or medical centres.

Biometric facial recognition and contactless ID scanning (passports, licenses, etc.) is supported as an option. 

Vital sign detection

An individual’s vital health signs including heart rate, body temperature and respiration rate  are read and analysed using near Infrared and thermal imaging to provide an indication of possible illness. Key questions, such as travel history, can be asked  to further determine whether escalation to an agent, via video conference, for further assessment is required. This technology is not designed or intended to diagnose medical conditions but helps to determine access control in this uncertain time.

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Elenium’s Touchless self-service & vital sign detection technology can be installed on all of our own devices and incorporated into 3rd party products at airports, medical centers and public buildings 

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