Elenium social media acceptable use policy

We welcome your comments on our page but we ask that you help us comply with the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code and other relevant National codes and policies. Please consider these guidelines before commenting. We will remove any comments that may result in us breaching the Code.

Please remember that information posted on any of Elenium Automation’s social media platforms shouldn’t be considered medical advice and shouldn’t replace a consultation with a health care professional. Elenium Vitals solutions are not intended to diagnose illness. If you have medically-related questions regarding your health, please call your provider or physician.

We love when you comment and tag your friends and family on our posts but we ask that you do not:
endorse our product if you are:

  • an employee or contractor of a government authority, a hospital or a healthcare facility
  • a health practitioner, health professional or medical researcher
  • involved with the production, sale, supply or marketing of our product
  • not using your own name on this social media platform
  • imply that a government authority, a hospital or a healthcare facility endorse our product
  • make comments about how a product works for you outside of its intended purpose, as these comments can be dangerous or misleading – our products are developed for particular purposes, as stated on the label and/or in our advertising
  • make comments about serious conditions, diseases, ailments or defects, such as comments about how a product helped with your treatment of a serious disease or how it will relieve a tagged person’s serious condition
  • Only engage on our sites if you are over 18 years of age
  • Violate any HIPAA, local, state, federal and international laws and regulations, including but not limited to copyright and intellectual property rights laws regarding any content that you send or receive via this Policy

We also have an obligation to make sure any advertisements we make, including endorsements and testimonials, are not misleading. Therefore we promise to disclose:

  • where a person has been, or will be, compensated for making a testimonial
  • where we have actors making the testimonial, such as in cases where the original person who made the testimonial does not want to appear in our advertisement
  • where the person making the testimonial is an immediate family member of anyone employed by our business

We may remove comments or posts that contain personal information about you or someone you know, including phone number, address, email, date of birth, or other personally identifiable information. It may be better instead for us to have a private dialogue about your issue through email or telephone conversation.

The opinions and or views expressed on any Elenium Automation social media platform, including, but not limited to, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, blogs, represent the thoughts of individual bloggers and online communities, and not those necessarily of Elenium Automation or any of its corporate affiliates or any of their respective directors, officers, employees, research staff, medical staff or members of its respective board of directors. The opinions and views expressed on these pages do not in any way reflect the views of the site they are posted on, other sites affiliated with the site, the staff involved with maintaining the site or any members of the site.

THIS POLICY MAY BE UPDATED AT ANY TIME WITHOUT NOTICE, AND EACH TIME A USER ACCESSES AN Elenium Automation SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE, THE NEW POLICY WILL GOVERN USAGE, EFFECTIVE UPON POSTING. To remain in compliance, Elenium Automation suggests that you review the Policy, as well as the other website policies, at regular intervals. By continuing to post any content after such new terms are posted, you accept and agree to any and all such modifications to this Policy.

The Elenium health vital sign detection product is currently going through regulatory approval in some jurisdictions.  Some features may not be available in your location. Detecting vitals signs cannot diagnose or confirm a specific illness.

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