About Us

Technology that moves you faster and safer

Our vision of “technology that moves you faster and safer” uses self-service with computer vision, voice recognition, biometrics and cloud platforms to not only provide value for business but also people.

Different where it matters

Elenium was founded with the idea that the airport and airline passenger experience we had all become accustomed to needed to be challenged. With the advent of Amazon, iPhone, Tesla and Netflix, airports seemed trapped in an earlier decade where passengers experience was more akin to being wrangled through a terminal, rather than enjoying a seamless journey. Our vision of “technology that moves you faster”, using self-service with computer vision, voice recognition, biometrics and cloud platforms not only provides value for the passenger, but also the industry. By making processes more efficient and enjoyable, airports can better utilise their terminal space and passengers have more time to consume ancillary services, increasing their overall spend. To do this we needed to start from the ground up and give ourselves the intellectual freedom to reimagine 50 years of status quo.

We started by building a solid foundation. We curated a team of talents; technical, commercial and operational. Elenium’s team is an eclectic bunch of industry veterans, physicists, mechatronic and mechanical engineers, video game developers and experts in program delivery. This has been our secret sauce, allowing Elenium to break through into an industry dominated by legacy system integrators.

Today Elenium continues to focus on increasing our SaaS products. Our engineering team consists of 74% software developers, and we have continued to invest in talent enabling capabilities that are novel in the aviation industry and that allow us to pitch a genuinely unique proposition.

Our touchless control technology using voice recognition and head control had been in development to better assist people with disabilities. Fast forward to a world concerned with contagion and our technology making all self-service devices touchless, reducing the chance of transmitting viruses is generating lots of interest. Our touchless vital sign detection technology has been developed to enable mass health screening at self-service touch points across airports but also in other sectors like health, aged care, construction and events.

In a testament to our approach and abilities, in these 4 short years Elenium has been able to supply solutions to key organisations in the aviation industry, including Hong Kong, Sydney and QANTAS and Etihad Airways.

it’s in our DNA

In 4 years we have gone from 20 kiosks in a single deployment to 700 self-service devices in 13 airports around the world supporting 250 million passengers, with an additional 8 airports to become operational in 2020.

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