We help airports streamline their passengers journey using technology from outside the aviation to provide new solutions to old problems.

Our culture focuses on building unique, quality solutions and bringing them to market quickly. With capabilities in robotics, mechanical engineering, physics, machine learning and data science, Elenium is your partner to enable automation and realise positive change to your business.

Touchless technology

Elenium has developed patent pending touchless solutions allowing passengers, including those with reduced mobility, to control a self-service device using their head movement as an alternative to touching a screen in order to perform a transaction.

Voice recognition

Voice recognition enables touchless control of a self-service device. Jointly developed by Amazon Web Services and Elenium for loud environments, our patent pending approach to voice recognition distinguishes voices in busy environments like airports, hospitals, or medical centres.

Sentiment analysis

The technology is designed to assess both visual and audio cues to try and detect if a passenger is feeling positive, neutral, negative or mixed based on voice and video analysis. Thus enabling the application to respond to the passengers’ experience and reaction, creating an alert for pro-active agent response.

Vital sign detection 

Vital health signs including heart rate, body temperature and respiration rate  are read and analysed using near infrared and thermal imaging to provide an indication of possible illness. Key questions, such as travel history, can be asked  to further determine whether escalation to an agent, via video conference, for further assessment is required. This technology is not designed or intended to diagnose medical conditions but provides an early warning indicator.


Common use environments have been notoriously painful with payment solutions that are PCI compliant and multi merchant / multi acquirer. Our patent pending solution allows CUSS applications to take payments using the passenger’s device.  Apart from credit card payment, it supports other mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Ali Pay. This mechanism can be implemented at check-in counter, kiosks, self bag drop machines and other common use or self service facilities. This solution by-pass the needs of having physical payment devices and yet remain PCI-DSS compliant.


Our mission is to improve common use self-service and how it is currently implemented in the aviation industry. We partner with biometric providers to bring their solutions into the aviation environment creating a concept for a seamless travel experience. Biometrics can be integrated as part of check-in or bag-drop without modifications to the airline application.

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