Disruption Management

The focus in our solutions is on operational efficiency and delivering the best value and total cost of ownership for our products.

When disruptions impact any airport, they change plans for thousands of people – both passengers and staff. At a time when passengers are often tired, stressed and annoyed, it does not take much for emotions to boil over. Even the most seasoned travellers can lose their cool.

Portable kiosks allow the airport and airline to easily bring the equipment to the passenger, instead of channelling hundreds or thousands of passengers through manned transfer desks. This permits the staff to assist passengers requiring a higher level of assistance with more care, time and empathy, resolving issues and questions as they come up.

The ‘Check-in in a suitcase’, a bit larger than a carry-on and weighing just over 10kg, quickly increases throughput at any time during a busy season. Suitable for seasonal or occasional service (large conferences, cruise ships, seasonal deployments), rather than permanent infrastructure.


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