Factory employees find HealthGate intuitive & enjoyable to use

The Elenium HealthGate podium was recently trialled at two industrial locations  with an objective to protect employees and ensure business continuity now and into the future.

During the trial all employees entering the factories had to answer screening questions and have their temperature evaluated prior to entering the building. The screening questions were available in multiple language options for ease of use.  Employees could choose between responding to screening questions on their mobile phones ahead of arriving at the facility or answering the questions touchlessly via movement control on the podium at the factory entrance.  They had their temperature evaluated on-site and were then issued with an access ticket to proceed into work.

For many employees, English was not their first language and they had varying levels of technical experience.  Their resounding feedback was that the touchless podium was “intuitive to understand and easy to use, even for people with limited technical skills”.  Additionally, the touchless control was seen as “enjoyable” to use by staff members.

The mobile site/QR code process was viewed as “simple to understand and use” and “the multiple language flows made usable by all employees”.

Elenium Vitals can provide access control at business or public premises without putting reception staff at risk. With touchless vital sign detection, employees simply select their language and the system checks vitals and asks a series of health questions. Questions can be answered by looking at the icon to select or via voice.

Visitors can respond via mobile phone to screening questions before arriving at the facility to improve flow and enable staff and guests to understand the guidelines before arrival. Vitals are scanned when they arrive at the premises using a QR code to link the data.

The Elenium health vital sign detection product is currently going through regulatory approval in some jurisdictions.  Some features may not be available in your location. Detecting vitals signs cannot diagnose or confirm a specific illness.

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