Parsons & Elenium Automation partner on touchless health screening

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Elenium’s touchless, vital sign detection technology supports COVID-19 detection

MELBOURNE – August 25, 2020 – Parsons Corporation (NYSE:PSN) and Elenium Automation have signed an agreement to deliver touchless health screening technology that will help keep people safe during COVID-19 and future health crises. The touchless technology will be part of Parsons’ DetectWise™ family of solutions.

DetectWise uses sensors to measure body temperature and, in conjunction with mobile based questionnaires and artificial-intelligence driven analytics, helps users assess the risk profile of an individual being symptomatic for the COVID-19 or other viruses. Elenium provides touchless mass health screening technology, which can detect a range of human vital signs including accurate temperature readings and other biometric measurements. This capability helps determine if a person needs to be seen by a medical professional using telemedicine or further tested in a DetectWise modular laboratory. 

Currently federal, state, and local governments along with private sector operations are relying on staff to conduct temperature tests or to ask health questions, exposing employees and members of the public to a greater risk of contracting COVID-19. The Parsons’ DetectWise solution, together with Elenium, enhances testing with an accurate, touchless, automated approach that provides safe health monitoring. The technology is currently deployed in several health care facilities around the United States under the FDA emergency guidelines.

Aaron Hornlimann, chief executive officer and co-founder of Elenium Automation, said that as the world attempts to re-open, technology is needed to help build confidence and keep us safe. 

“We are excited to have a relationship with Parsons. We have a shared vision in the importance of helping with the recovery from COVID and ensuring society is ready for any future pandemics. Our differentiated solution focuses on accurate automation that can adapt to any environment like aged care and medical centres, public spaces and critical infrastructure sites.”

The Elenium technology also enables a touchless human interface with voice recognition that works in loud environments, and gesture control so health questions can be safely answered without using a touchscreen, thus minimizing the risk of exposure to either virial or bacterial pathogens.

“As the world continues grappling with the COVID-19 virus, society will look far different than it did several months ago,” said Chuck Harrington, chief executive officer of Parsons. “It’s critical that companies like Parsons and Elenium continue developing innovative technologies that help society return to a safe living and work environment. Our agreement allows us to introduce accurate screening solutions across the country that will be vital in pre-empting further transmission of the virus.”

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