More to accuracy than meets the eye

The need for accuracy of data to help protect your customers, staff and business is clear but how do you gauge the effectiveness of different solution types, the differences in technologies and cost points? Accuracy, specificity and relevance are key considerations needed when deploying sensors for the detection of febrile temperatures.

Simply aiming a contactless thermometer at an individuals forehead doesn’t tell you if they are febrile, it can just indicate an elevated skin temperature. High resolution cameras are able to detect where the blood flow is closest to the skin and thus febrile temperature. Accuracy in measurement of temperature, heart and respiratory rate is critical to detecting symptoms. Elenium Vital signs technology can screen an individual in less than 2 seconds, enabling safe access with ease, building confidence for those accessing public spaces.

Temperature screening is an important tool to help ensure community and business safety while building the required confidence to assist in the post pandemic recovery.  Elevated temperature/fever (87.9% of reported cases) along with shortness of breath, fatigue and other flu like symptoms are indictors of COVID-19 and other infections.

While temperature screening alone will not diagnose or solve the COVID-19 crisis, it is a proactive approach that will help minimise risks and protect against further waves of the virus.

Studies show that checking other vital signs such as heart and respiratory rate in addition to temperature increases identifying infected individuals by almost 50%.

The Elenium health vital sign detection product is currently going through regulatory approval in some jurisdictions.  Some features may not be available in your location. Detecting vitals signs cannot diagnose or confirm a specific illness.

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