Elenium Automation signs integration partnership with LinkSafe to offer contactless workplace health screening

MELBOURNE, Australia, 1 July 2021 – Automation technology provider, Elenium Automation, has signed an integration partnership with LinkSafe, Australia’s leading provider of compliance, training and induction software, to incorporate Elenium’s HealthGate devices into its portfolio and enhance the company’s remote and contactless contractor management services.

HealthGate, designed and manufactured in Melbourne, offers automated and highly accurate health screening for entry into public facilities such as healthcare centres, event venues and workplaces. It also incorporates health declaration technology prior to arrival at a facility.

Importantly, any temperature measuring product for use on humans for the intended purpose of screening potentially febrile individuals must meet the legal definition of a medical device and is required to comply with the Australian regulatory requirements set out in the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (the Act), the Therapeutic Goods (Medical Devices) Regulations 2002 (the Regulations) and the Therapeutic Goods Regulation 1990.  Unlike uncertified, less accurate devices incorporating low-resolution imaging approaches, HealthGate is the only temperature screening kiosk in Australia to have been granted regulatory approval by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, making it the only such device that can be legally deployed.

LinkSafe operates out of Melbourne with over 500 clients across ANZ, South-East Asia and the US, with a strong focus on health and aged care, food manufacturing, retail, and construction. With the integration of HealthGate devices into its existing software, the company will be able to enhance compliance capabilities by introducing temperature measuring instances through its compliance check-points.

Currently, contractors using LinkSafe are required to be pre-qualified, inducted and have the right insurances and certifications in place before entering a client’s site. With the addition of HealthGate, when they arrive onsite, the worker will be accurately health screened and required to confirm they are well before entering the premises.

HealthGate detects a potential fever in under two seconds and eliminates the potential for human error in administrating the health screening process.  The solution does not require an operator, meaning that staff are not being put in harm’s way.  Rather than requiring people to make contact with common surfaces like touchscreens or buttons, HealthGate is entirely touchless through cutting-edge voice recognition and virtual touchscreen technology, ensuring a hygienic experience.

HealthGate also offers significant potential costs savings to businesses that are currently reliant on additional staffing for health screening and access control. For example, the daily cost of operating HealthGate at three hospital entrances over 12 months is around $70 per day, versus $2500 per day to pay for three nursing staff to undertake manual temperature screening at the same location.

David Erczmann, General Manager of LinkSafe, said: “It has been a big year for our company because remote induction and compliance management is now an essential service.

“By offering HealthGate, not only can we speed up the induction process for our clients, we will make it as safe and economical as possible by eliminating the need for any face to face interaction. The fact that Elenium’s device is the only one on the market approved by the regulator is a game changer, particularly for industries like healthcare and aged care. Companies using handheld devices or inferior products put people’s lives and their business at risk.

“We see this as another important step to give our clients optimal peace of mind and to positively influence workers’ behaviour by ensuring they think twice before entering a facility – reducing complacency is key to helping businesses manage the recovery from COVID-19 and to be prepared for future diseases. We are proud to be working with a fellow Melbourne company to achieve innovation in this space.”

Elenium CEO and Co-founder, Aaron Hornlimann, said: “This is an important strategic alliance that will ensure Elenium’s technology is used to support our collective recovery from COVID-19. Most businesses don’t realise they’re potentially using uncertified devices. HealthGate is designed to provide an added layer of compliance and safety for people entering workplaces while improving efficiency. We are excited to be working with LinkSafe to get our devices into more businesses across the country and globally. Technology has a huge role to play in allowing our country to open up quickly and safely.”

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