Australia’s First Touchless Triage Kiosk Screening Trial for COVID-19 underway in Victoria

Melbourne based technology solution provider Elenium Automation has implemented a multi-functional health screening device for COVID-19 and other potential illnesses with Nagambie HealthCare, a regional hospital and aged care provider in Victoria.

The world-first touchless triage kiosk, developed in Tullamarine, Victoria in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), enables Nagambie HealthCare employees, visitors and contactors to quickly and effortlessly self-assess their vital health signs at a safe distance before permitted entry.

During the trial, if a screening concern is detected the kiosk will immediately link the user via a video call to a Triage Nurse for further assessment. This eliminates contact between staff and visitors during the process and will see the user in this incidence avoid entry into the Nagambie HealthCare precinct. 

Nagambie HealthCare is a community owned health service which jointly operates a hospital, aged care and medical centre within a rural health complex in Nagambie, 140km north of Melbourne.  Speaking at the technology’s launch, Nagambie HealthCare CEO and Director of Nursing Ms Bronwyn Beadle said Nagambie was a perfect place for the Trial. 

“As a rural health and aged care facility we have ensured a focus on maintaining restricted visits as opposed to ‘lockdown’ which has created significant resource challenges in screening all those who access our services. To enable this restriction, we have created a single user entry and exit for care recipients, employees and visitors with sizeable people movements through our doors each day,” Ms Beadle said. 

“The technology in the kiosk will markedly reduce the resources required to undertake screening and will enable us to trial the assessment and triaging of people entering our facility during its round-the-clock operation.  It is such an innovative and exciting opportunity for us as a rural health service, with an enormous potential public health benefit and added peace of mind for our employees, in-patients and more importantly our residents.”

Elenium Automation CEO Aaron Hornlimann said the location of the kiosk within Nagambie HealthCare was an excellent destination to effectively monitor the intersection of public health provision, patient supervision and triaging staff and visitors with the technology to maintain a COVID-19 free environment. 

Mr Hornlimann said the solution would lay the basis for hospital and aged care facilities to explore future take-up of the low-cost, efficient and self-managed technology.

“We will recover from COVID-19, but circumstances will not remain the same and increased attention to effective and efficient health screening will be increasingly sought after. The kiosk’s touchless detection screening technology is adaptable, well suited to the times and applicable to different controlled access settings in addition to medical and aviation environments,” Mr Hornlimann said.

Elenium’s patent pending technology has been developed in partnership with Amazon Web Services and is part of a broader solution the Melbourne-based technology provider has developed in response to the COVID-19 virus.

Technology used in the Nagambie HealthCare trial includes:

  • Touchless control of a device using voice recognition
  • Touchless control of a device using head movement control 
  • Touchless vital sign detection including temperature, respiratory and heart rates
  • Video linking the kiosk user to the Nagambie HealthCare on-duty triage nurse.

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