Elenium’s range of software products has been developed to improve efficiencies for airlines and airports, whilst helping to deliver a superior customer experience for passengers. Each product can be customised to the client’s requirements.

Elenium has a complete check in application which can be delivered either as a native application or IATA CUSS 1.2, 1.3 or 1.4 deployment.

• Check-In
• Self-tagging
• Ancillary Revenue
• Seat Selection
• Loyalty
• Rebooking

Full service desk capability on a mobile device. Including Check in, booking management and ancillary revenue supporting.

• Windows
• iOS
• Android
• Web application

The Elenium Bag Drop Application has been developed to service both common-user and dedicated
self-service environment. This easy to use and responsive solution can be customised to the airline’s business rules and requirements.

• 1 step bag drop
• 2 step bag drop
• Support for Airline Business Rules
• Support of hand scanner of fully automatic
• Baggage reconciliation with baggage management system
• Support for active / inactive tags
• Support for RFID tags

The Elenium Boarding Application allows for passenger validation in under 30 milliseconds either on an automatic boarding gate or mobile device form factor. This solution has been designed to speed up aircraft turn around whilst ensuring complete reconciliation of boarded passengers. This application is also able to generate reports such as load and balance, manifest reports, and boarding performance analytics.

A mobile application for passengers capable of providing real-time information, ancillary services, and booking management.

Drive ancillary revenues by integration into your DCS, ERP and other systems.

• Additional baggage
• Onboard meals
• Upgrades
• Seat selection
• Loyalty programs
• Payment systems