Hybrid Solution

Retrofit Bag Drop fits over existing check-in infrastructure. This creates a hybrid solution deploying flexibility with a fully automatic bag drop, whilst maintaining manual check-in capability.


Bags can be injected in under 15 seconds thanks to our advanced technology.


Elenium uses the most up to date and advanced intrusion detection system, akin to self driving cars.

Easy to support

All Elenium products are designed to be robust and easy to maintain. Don’t incur unnecessary down time or support costs.

Any check in desk

The Elenium Retrofit Bag Drop range has been designed to give airports a cost effective and fast to market solution.

The Elenium Bagdrop software application makes it easy to on-board airlines to your common use environment, with support for both CUSS and our own multi airline tenanted Bagdrop application. You can enjoy rich functionality including real-time monitoring, AODB integration, and remote agent iOS and Android management apps.

Assisted or Automatic

The Elenium Retrofit Bag Drop product set includes a low cost, passenger assisted self-service solution as well as a fully automated system. Depending on your requirements our team of in-house designers and engineers work with airports to ensure the best fit for purpose outcome customised to your environment.

Save Capital Cost

Improve cost efficiency by re-using existing infrastructure such as conveyer belts. Elenium Retrofit bag drop fits over existing kits. Installation and commission is reduced due to the flexibility of the solution.

Customised for your airport

Retrofit bag drop can fit in to any bag drop design and can accommodate canopy or open layout to suit your preferences.

Advanced Dimensioning

The Advanced Dimensioning can detect the size and shape of the bag prior to injection. This can be customised to fit specific airport or airline business rules.

Dimensions (H x D x W) 350 x 450 x 700mm (single lane, excluding frame)
Weight 500kg
Materials • Corian – 12mm
• Stainless Steel 304
• Mild steel
Colour Options Customisable
Screen Size Customisable
Touch Screen Active touch screen
Power Consumption 430 W
Voltage 230 VAC 50 Hz
Operating Temperature 0°C to 45°C
OS Windows 8
Power 60 W
Storage 120GB
Memory 16GB DR3/DDR3L 1600MHz
Connectivity • 10/100/1000 Mbps Intel 82579LM GbE
• RS232
Available software • Elenium Boarding
• Monitoring software
Receipt Printer Custom KPM180H printer
Bag Tag Printer Custom KPM180H printer
Scale Atrax
Document reader Access IS
Credit card reader Sankyo
Scale conveyor belt 600mm wide
Induction conveyor belt 600mm wide
Other Features • Touch screen
• Boarding pass scanner
• Bag tag scanner
• Bag dimension scanner
• Intrusion detector
• Projector
Optional Features • Hand barcode scanner
• RFID reader
Industry Compliance • CUSS 1.2
• CUSS 1.3
Features • Overload 16A
• Intrusion detection
Operating Environment • Indoors
• 20 ~ 90% RH non-condensing
• 0°C to 45°C