A kiosk able to be deployed anywhere at any time. No longer are you constrained by fixed infrastructure with this 24×7 battery powered self service device.

Common User

CUSS 1.2/3 and CUPPS certified, the Elenium Portable Kiosk can be used in both common user and dedicated environments.

Easy To Support

All Elenium products are designed to be robust and easy to maintain. You won’t incur unnecessary down time or support costs with features like our rapid printer change system.

24x7 Battery

The Elenium Portable kiosk supports a unique hot swappable battery system, meaning you can operate continuously with battery power.

Anywhere, anytime self service

The first portable kiosk with a hot swappable battery system allowing 24 x 7 operations without being connected to mains power. Now you can dynamically deploy your self service capability based on real time demands without having to worry about how.

No compromise, with all the flexibility

A portable kiosk with all the functionality you expect of a self-service device. Able to support both international and domestic applications including: check in, passenger rebook, ancillary revenue and loyalty programs.