Inviting To All Passengers

The Elenium Fixed Kiosk has been designed to be aesthetically welcoming to passengers, in order to encourage self-service adoption.

Common User

CUSS 1.2/3 and CUPPS certified, the Elenium Fixed Kiosk can be used in both common user and dedicated environments.

Easy To Install

The Elenium Fixed Kiosk has been specifically designed for easy and quick installation, dramatically reducing the cost of self-service kiosk deployments for airports and airlines.

Easy To Support

All Elenium products are designed to be robust and easy to maintain. Don’t incur unnecessary down time or support costs with features like our rapid printer change system.

Happy passengers!

Ensuring a positive passenger experience is the key to driving continued self-service adoption. The Elenium Fixed Kiosk is inviting, user friendly and lightning fast; making self-service the first choice for passengers at your airport.

Driving revenue up
and cost down

The Elenium Fixed Kiosk helps allow for higher passenger capacity in existing terminal space. This key benefit means a smaller investment for dramatically increased revenue, allowing for more retail space and extending the effective life of your terminal.