Custom Software Development

Elenium has expert aviation capability in software development and services. Our domain expertise allows us to quickly understand your requirements. Our development methodology allows us to deliver quality solutions you can rely on.

Our expertise includes:
• CUSS, CUTE and CUPPS standards
• DCS and GDS integration
• Baggage handling systems
• Passenger display system (FIDs, etc)
• Ancillary revenue solutions
• Loyalty systems
• Booking engines
• Mobile applications
• Machine learning and BI
• Understanding airline and airport business rules and practices
• Understand self-service hardware

Supported development frameworks and languages:
• .NET / MVC
• C#
• Xcode
• Java and J2EE
• HTML5 / CSS / JS
• Objective-C
• C++
• PLC Development
• Ruby

Elenium develops application using Elenium Agile Methodology (EMA). We developed our own framework of delivering robust and complex software projects. Our hybrid approach ensures we provide flexibility throughout the development lifecycle, whilst also ensuring the mitigation of risk, continuous integrated testing and transition to a smooth deployment.

As part of the EMA, the client is an integral part of the development team, receiving frequent software releases to test and ensure we are delivering to expectation. We see you as a partner not just the end user.

Developing customized solutions for the aviation industry is a key focus for Elenium. Our in-house domain expertise, development methodology and customer engagement strategy is specially designed to avoid the pain points of development projects. Our goal is to deliver the software solution you expect, on time and at competitive cost.

We choose to use EMA because it allows for better collaboration with our customers. Agile software development encourages flexibility and continuous improvements throughout the entire process. This means we undertake incremental, modularised development.

We adhere to agile principles that include:
• Achieving customer satisfaction with fast delivery of useful software
• Welcoming changing requirements
• Delivering working software frequently
• Fostering close, daily cooperation between development managers, customers and developers
• Building our projects by and for motivated individuals
• Using working software as the principal measure of progress
• Maintaining a constant pace through sustainable development
• Upholding continuous attention to technical excellence and good design