Speed Is King

Inject bags in under 15 seconds with our ultra-faster scanning and passenger verification system.

Innovative User Experience

Project information onto the baggage conveyor belt, letting passengers know how easy it is use the bag drop.

Open Design

Our Bagdrop is designed to fit into any airport aesthetic, making it appealing to customers and encouraging increased adoptions.

Latest Technology

Using advanced cameras and sensors, this automatic Bagdrop is akin to autonomous vehicles, however it remains at a lower cost than our competitors.

Flexible operating models

The Elenium Auto Bagdrop can be deployed to support either a one or two step process. This means passengers can completely check in (print boarding pass and bag tags) and inject their bag or just utilize it as a baggage injection point.

Low profile conveyor system

Designed to be ergonomic, the Elenium Auto Bagdrop has a 130mm scale conveyor belt so it is easy for passengers to place bags. The conveyer system is set to incline as to then meet standard collector belt heights.