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Passenger processing: check-in, bag drop, immigration and boarding. Discover our solutions that move you faster.

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Logistics: baggage handling and freight management. Discover our solutions that move air freight faster.

Technology that moves you faster

Above the wing

Our focus is on delivering a fast and seamless passenger experience. Our blended approach with self-service hardware, applications and services means our solutions are integrated, ensuring faster people flow, fewer queues and happier passengers.

Below the wing

Under the wing operations are typically manual and legacy driven. Elenium applies its advanced automation technologies including machine learning, automated applications and Internet of things (IoT) solutions to optimise operations, ensure greater confidence and drive business benefits.

The Elenium Team

Our greatest asset is our team. Our culture focuses on building unique, quality solutions and bringing them to market quickly. With capabilities in electronics, mechanical engineering, physics, machine learning and enterprise application development, Elenium is your partner to enable automation and realise positive change to your business.

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Voyager was developed by Elenium in partnership with Etihad and Amazon Web Services to truly make the airport experience seamless. Using biometrics, voice recognition, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies, Voyager eliminates the need to scan boarding passes, manual data entry and confusing user interfaces.

Self Service Products

Elenium provides self service and automation technologies for the airline and airport sector. Our products are designed to reduce queues by increasing speed and operational efficiency, whilst enhancing revenues and delivering a better customer experience.

Our Services

Elenium provides a range of services which leverage our expertise in aviation and automation systems. Our services portfolio is focused on delivery capabilities, real time monitoring, technical support and custom development.

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